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Conformal microfluidic-blow-spun 3D photothermal

Liu H., Ye H-G., Gao M., Li Q., Liu Z., Xie A-Q., Zhu L., Ho G. W., Chen S. “Conformal microfluidic-blow-spun 3D photothermal catalytic spherical evaporator for omnidirectional enhanced solar steam generation and CO2 reduction” Advanced Science, 2101232 (2021). [PDF]

Fast autonomous healing magnetic elastomer

Cheng Y., Chan K. H., Wang X-Q, Ding T., Li T., Zhang C., Lu W. Zhou Y., Ho G. W. “A fast autonomous healing magnetic elastomer for instantly recoverable, modularly programmable, and thermo-recyclable soft robots” Advanced Functional Materials, 31, 2101825(2021). [PDF]

Acidic media hierarchica Co and P electrolysis

Song D., Sun J., Sun L., Zhai S., Ho G. W., Wu H., Deng W-Q “Acidic media regulated hierarchical cobalt compounds with phosphorus doping as water splitting electrocatalysts” Advanced Energy Materials, 11, 2100358 (2021). [PDF]

Dynamic thermal trapping

Li T., Chan K. H., Ding T., Wang X-Q., Cheng Y., Zhang C., Lu W., Yilmaz G., Qiu C-W., Ho G.W. “Dynamic thermal trapping enables cross-species smart nanoparticle swarms” Science Advances, 7, eabe3184 (2021). [PDF]

Z-scheme transition metal bridge

Zhang T., Meng F., Cheng Y. Dewangan N., Ho G.W., Sibudjing K. “Z-scheme transition metal bridge of Co9S8/Cd/CdS tubular heterostructure for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution” Applied Catalysis B, 286, 119853 (2021). [PDF]