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Solar enabled technologies

Photon & Thermal Energy Conversion

Synthesis of catalytic and interfacial tailored heterogeneous nanostructures

Engineering of optical, thermal and wetting properties of porous structures

Integration of multi component functions for embodied intelligence systems

While technological advancement has remarkably enhanced our quality of life, it also brings about looming threats to our vulnerable ecosystem and climate. Renewable energies unlike fossil fuels are diversified, abundant and above all decarbonized. Also, their competitiveness are driven by the falling prices. For these reasons, our research group aims to embrace sustainable means to produce clean fuel, energy and water. Since most developing countries have good access to the free and practically inexhaustible solar energy, we focus on the development of solar power enabled technologies that span across solar-to-chemical conversion, solar-to-steam conversion, solar-to-electricity conversion and solar-to-mechanical conversion, poised for a sunny future.

Research Grants

Principal Investigator:

  1. Functional nanomaterials for nano/biotechnology applications (Ministry of Education)
  2. Development of hybrid inorganic nanorod/nanocrystal–polymer materials for solar cell applications (Ministry of Education)
  3. Nano and energy research (Applied Materials)
  4. Development of room temperature operated flexible plastic sensor for imminent hydrogen powered economy (Ministry of Education)
  5. Water splitting hydrogen production; Surface engineered nanocatalyst and hybrid electrolysis-photocatalysis (Ministry of Education)
  6. Development of nanostructured photocatalyst and fundamentals of photolysis-electrolysis (Ministry of Education, Tier 2)
  7. Nanopores membrane; integrated catalytic disinfectant and sensory for air/water (POC, National Research Foundation)
  8. Hybrid aerogel for photocatalytic degradation-H2 production; cogeneration of clean water and energy (PSF, A*STAR)
  9. Development of sulphides aerogel for photocatalytic degradation and H2 production (Ministry of Education, Tier 2)
  10. Organic/inorganic nanocomposite for solar hydrogen generation and storage media (Ministry of Education)
  11. Functionalized aerogel for treatment of indoor moisture and air contaminants (BCA, National Research Foundation)
  12. Catalytic and pyro/thermoelectric nanocomposite for energy and environmental sustainability (MND, National Research Foundation)
  13. Photothermo-electrocatalysis of carbon-inorganic nanocomposite for H2/O2 production (Ministry of Education, Tier 2)
  14. Broadband plasmonic photothermic vaporization-purification for solar water (Ministry of Education, Tier 2)
  15. Engineering surface atomic structure of 2D dichalcogenides for electrocatalysis (Ministry of Education)
  16.  Manufacturing of atmospheric water and antiviral air delivery system (Central Gap Fund, National Research Foundation)
  17.  Manufacturing of Artificial SKin Integrated Network (SKIN) for healthcare and fitness monitoring (ARTIC)


Co-Principal Investigator:

  1. A hybrid composite desiccant/nano-woven membrane air dehumidifier for warm and humid climates (SMART)
  2. Energy efficient hydrogen production via a hybrid photocatalysis/electrolysis prototype (POC, National Research Foundation)
  3. A novel desiccant/nano-woven membrane air dehumidification to enhance building energy efficiency (MND, A*STAR)
  4. Self-powered body sensor network for disease management and prevention-oriented healthcare (CRP, National Research Foundation)
  5. Light controllable molecular systems: Fundamental studies towards light driven molecular devices (Ministry of Education, Tier 2)