Environmental Clean-up
Highly absorbent material for uptake and degradation of pollutant.
Transparent Conductors
  Fabricate of 3D transparent conducting Ga:ZnO films by low temperature hydrothermal.
Heterogeneous Photocatalysis
Ultraviolet to visible light responsive graphene aerogel photocatalyst.
Self-powered photoelectrocatalysis for H2 production and pollutant degradation


Photocatalysis for (i) energy sustainability CO2-neutral H2 production and  (ii) environmental remediation of air/water pollutant treatment are important research area for addressing global climate and environmental issues.

Our research focuses on development of novel and efficient photocatalyst and co-catalyst nanomaterials as well as understanding of associated photophysics and chemistry processes.


Research Grants

Principal Investigator:

  1. Functional nanomaterials for nano/biotechnology applications (MOE)
  2. Development of hybrid inorganic nanorod/nanocrystal–polymer materials for solar cell applications (MOE)
  3. Nano and energy research (Applied Materials)
  4. Development of room temperature operated flexible plastic sensor for imminent hydrogen powered economy (MOE)
  5. Water splitting hydrogen production based on surface engineered nanocatalyst and hybrid electrolysis-photocatalysis process (MOE)
  6. Development of nanostructured photocatalyst and fundamentals of photolysis-electrolysis (MOE)
  7. Nanopores membrane; integrated catalytic disinfectant and sensory for air/water (POC, NRF)
  8. Hybrid aerogel for multifunctional photocatalytic degradation-H2 production; cogeneration of clean water and energy (PSF, A*star)
  9. Development of Sulphide aerogel for photocatalytic degradation and H2 production (MOE)
  10. Nanocomposite for solar hydrogen generation and storage media (MOE)
  11. Functionalized Aerogel for Treatment of Indoor Moisture and Air Contaminants (EIRP, NRF)


Co-Principal Investigator:

  1. A hybrid composite desiccant/nano-woven membrane air dehumidifier for warm and humid climates
  2. Energy efficient hydrogen production via a hybrid photocatalysis/electrolysis prototype (POC, NRF)
  3. A novel desiccant/nano-woven membrane air dehumidification to enhance building energy efficiency (MND, A*Star)
  4. Self-powered body sensor network for disease management and prevention-oriented healthcare (CRP, NRF)
  5. Light controllable molecular systems: Fundamental studies towards light driven molecular devices (MOE)