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Deep Eutectic Solvents-based Ionogels

Ge G., Mandal K., Haghniaz R., Li M., Carlson L., Jucaud V., Dokmeci M. R., Ho G. W., Khademhosseini A. “Deep eutectic solvent-based ionogels with ultrafast gelation and high adhesion in harsh environments” Advanced Functional Materials, 33, 2207388 (2022). [PDF]

Facet-controlled phosphides overall water splitting

Yilmaz G., Yang T., Lim K. J. H., Chee S. W., Shen L., Mirsaidov U., Bosman M., Ho G. W. “Rational Engineering of metal-organic coordination networks into facet-controlled phosphides for overall water splitting” EcoMat, e12312 (2022). [PDF]

Elastic and damage-tolerant dry epidermal patch

Cheng Y., Zhou Y., Wang R., Chan K H., Liu Y., Ding T., Wang X-Q, Li T., Ho G. W. “An elastic and damage-tolerant dry epidermal patch with robust skin adhesion for bioelectronic interfacing” ACS Nano, 16, 18609 (2022). [PDF]

Anion-cation heterostructured hydrogels

Lu W., Ding T., Wang X., Zhang C., Li T., Zeng K., Ho G. W. “Anion-cation heterostructured hydrogels for all-weather responsive electricity and water harvesting from atmospheric air” Nano Energy, 104, 107892 (2022). [PDF]

Advances of photothermal chemistry

Gao M., Zhang T., Ho G. W. “Advances of photothermal chemistry in photocatalysis, thermocatalysis and photothermocatalysis for solar-to-fuel generation” Nano Research, 15, 9985 (2022). [PDF] Invited review for 2022 Young Innovator Award special issue

Macromolecule conformational shaping

Wang X-Q., Chan K. H., Lu W., Ding T., Ng S. W. L., Cheng Y., Li T., Hong M., Tee B. C. K., Ho G. W. “Macromolecule conformational shaping for extreme mechanical programming of polymorphic hydrogel fibers” Nature Communications, 13, 3369, (2022). [PDF]