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Ultra-robust strain sensors

Wang X-Q., Xie A-Q., Cao P., Yang J., Ong W. L., Zhang K-Q., Ho G.W. “Structuring and shaping of mechanically robust and functional hydrogels toward wearable and implantable applications” Advanced Materials, (2024). [PDF]

Ultra-robust strain sensors

Yang H., Ding S., Wang J., Sun S., Swaminathan R., Ng S. W. L., Pan X., Ho G. W. “Computational design of ultra-robust strain sensors for soft robot perception and autonomy” Nature Communication, 15, 1636 (2024). [PDF]

Ligand mediated assembly CdS

Zhang T., Li T., Gao M., Lu W., Chen Z., Ong W. L., See A. S. W., Yang L., Kawi S., Ho G. W. “Ligand mediated assembly of CdS colloids in 3D porous Metal-organic framework derived scaffold with multi-sites heterojunctions for efficient CO2 photoreduction” Advanced Energy Materials, (2024). [PDF]

Rapid Gelling ionogels stretchable electronics

Ge G., Zhang. Y, Xiao X. Gong Y., Liu C., He C. Ho G. W. Yang Z. Huang W., “Rapidly gelling, highly adhesive and mechanically robust ionogels for stretchable electronics” Advanced Functional Materials, (2024). [PDF]

Localized Ultrafine Cu Clusters within MOF

Ng S. W. L., Lim K. J. H., Gao M., Lu W., Ghosh T., Zhang M., Sibudjing K., Hong. M., Ho G. W., “Localized ultrafine Cu clusters within MOF-derived metal oxides for collective photochemical and photothermal H2 generation” Applied Catalysis B, 340, 123182 (2024). [PDF]

Non-planar dielectrics thermal & electrostatic

Zhou Y., Ding T., Cheng Y., Huang Y., Wang W., Yang J., Xie L., Ho G. W., He J. “Non-planar dielectrics derived thermal and electrostatic field inhomogeneity for boosted weather-adaptive energy harvesting” National Science Review, nwad186 (2023). [PDF]

Host guest MOF-Semiconductor

Zhang T., Meng F., Gao M., Lim K. J. H., Lim K. H. Chirawatkul P., Wong A. S. W. Sibudjing K., Ho G. W. “Porous host-guest MOF-semiconductor hybrid with multi-sites heterojunctions and modulable electronic band for selective photocatalytic CO2 conversion and H2 evolution” Small, 19, 2301121 (2023). [PDF]