Ho Research Group

Nanomaterials & Nanosystems Innovation

Professor Ghim Wei Ho’s group is focused on the synthesis and nanoengineering of smart and functional nanostructured materials for sustainable applications. Her research group aims to study the next generation nanostructured materials that will impact electronic, healthcare and robotics. Innovative functional devices are fabricated using nanostructured materials ranging from 3D frameworks (MOF, PBA etc.), 2D Crystals (TMD, LDH etc.), 1D (plasmonic wires/tubes) to 0D quantum dots. The group’s approach is multidisciplinary which involves concepts from electrical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science to physics.


  • A/Prof Ho was honoured as the Science & Technology winner for the Great Women of Our Time 2016.
  • A/Prof Ho was the Honoree Winner at JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Award Ceremony held on 29 May 2015.
  • A/Prof Ho was featured on The Edge Singapore on 25 May 2015.
  • A/Prof Ho was awarded the L’Oreal Women in Science National Fellowship on 4 Dec 2014.
  • A/Prof Ho’s work on Transparent Conducting Oxides was featured by Today.
  • A/Prof Ho’s work on Transparent Conducting Oxides was featured by REGIS.
  • A/Prof Ho’s work on 3D Transparent Conductive Films was featured by Nanotechnology Now, The Nanotechnology, Printed Electronics World and Nanowerk.


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